Wingate Development: Residential Site Plans

Below is a list of projects that are proposed, have been approved or are in development. Click on the images below to learn more about each project.

For more information you may contact Matthew Gallman at or call 704-233-4411.

Edgewood Drive & Maye Street (Proposed)

Edgewood Drive and Maye Street

The Glens (Approved)


S. Main Street (Proposed)

South Main Street (10-1-2021) (1)

Old Williams Road (Proposed)

Old Williams 341 Concept 1 0617_2021

Town and Gown (Proposed)

Wingate University Development Project 2021

Phifer Rd (Approved)

Phifer Road (2)

Independence Drive (By-Right Development Proposal)

Independence Drive_Page_1