Planning & Zoning


Zoning authority, which is granted by the State, allows local jurisdictions to manage where different types of land uses and buildings are located in the town. It also allows the town to control the density of development and types, sizes, and setbacks of buildings.

Wingate is divided into zoning districts, with land use controls customized to each. The zoning map assigns each property in the city to a zoning district. The zoning regulations for each zoning district are set forth in the Land Use Ordinance.

Land Use Ordinance UPDATE PROPOSAL

The Town of Wingate has been working to update the Land Use Ordinance.  The proposed document can be found for review here.  For more questions regarding the review and implementation process or schedule, please contact Adrienne Rorie at 704-233-4411.

Apply for Zoning Approval

Zoning Portal 

To submit an application for zoning approval, visit our Zoning Portal and submit an application and necessary documentation.  Be sure to search for our agency code before beginning the account creation process.  To do so, click the magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the Zoning Portal page.  Search for "Win01" then proceed with the necessary steps.